Vinyl Fences

If you live in a home with a yard, there is a good chance you have a fence. A fence plays a ton of different roles including keeping your yard private, keeping pets safe, preventing intruders as well as providing a barrier around your property. Without a fence, a yard and home just simply wouldn’t look complete.

What material should your fence be made of? You will make the choice based on a lot of things from aesthetics, durability, cost and strength. Putting in a new fence is a relatively big job, so it isn’t something you want to take lightly without putting in some research.

Now, when it comes to what material your fence is made out of, you have a lot of options. These include vinyl, wood, chain-link, aluminum, iron and several others. The choice is completely up to you and most options should be available in your area.

While each may have their own benefits and drawbacks to some, many believe that vinyl fencing is the way to go. It is becoming more and more popular over the years for a variety of different reasons.  There are many different benefits of vinyl fences, and we’ll take a closer look at them now.

Straight-Forward Installation

While you might think installing an entire fence around your property would be a massive amount of work, that isn’t always the case. In fact, with the right experience, vinyl fences are relatively straight-forward to install. The process is similar to installing a wood fence but much less labour intensive

Vinyl Fencing is Durable, Strong and Flexible

When selecting a fence, you want it to be durable and strong. While many think wooden fences are the strongest, did you know that vinyl is actually stronger than wood? It’s true, which means a vinyl fence will be incredibly strong and stand up to years of wear and tear. Vinyl fencing also won’t rust or decompose, and is immune to rotting. While strong, these vinyl fences are also very flexible. This means they are perfect for areas with a lot of wind, rain or other adverse weather conditions. They can stand the test of time as they will flex instead of breaking or cracking.

Vinyl Fences Don’t Require Much Maintenance

Keeping your fences clean and looking great can often be a problem. Chipping, rust and other types of damage are common and can be tough to hide. However, if you have vinyl fencing, you won’t have to do nearly as much maintenance. All you really need to do to clean off and maintain vinyl fencing is use a hose and spray it clean. You will save a lot of money and time avoiding the annoying maintenance that can come with many types of fences.

Vinyl Fencing Can Offer Complete Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of any kind of fence is the privacy it can provide. However, wooden and chain link fences don’t really offer full and comprehensive privacy. Thankfully, most vinyl fences use a tongue and grove panel which creates a solid section of fence that get rid of the space that most fences have. These fences can also come in a range of different heights and colours to ensure your yard can be as private as you want it.

Vinyl Fencing is Relatively Affordable

Of course, the cost of your fencing is a huge part of deciding what material to use. Vinyl fencing initially may cost a bit more than other types of fencing but with no maintenance other than a wash ever now and then, there is no need to pay for things like paints or stains or replacement broads that have rotten – think of the money you will save over time!

As you can see, vinyl fencing offers many benefits over other fencing options. Vinyl fencing can also be very versatile and help you in a variety of different ways. While you might think all vinyl fencing is the same, that is most certainly not the case. We offer a wide range of different vinyl fencing solutions

If you want to learn more about any types of vinyl fencing, refer to their pages or feel free to call or email us for assistance. As you could imagine, each different type of vinyl fence has a different purpose and general use case. No matter your needs out of a vinyl fence, we at Vinyl Impressions will do our absolute best we can to help you.

Why trust Vinyl Impressions with your vinyl fencing needs? Well, we have been in business since 2000 and have a lot of experience in all things vinyl fencing. In addition to our knowledge and experience in the space, we also pride ourselves on our ability and commitment to provide incredible service.

Whether we help you install your fencing, or just provide you with the materials for your own project, we want your experience to be superb from start to finish. We refuse to compromise and will ensure you get the most dependable service to go along with your high quality vinyl fencing. Our ultimate goal is for every customer to be satisfied with their purchase as well as the service they received.

If you are interested in purchasing some vinyl fencing of any kind, or just want to learn a little bit more about them, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.