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Vinyl Arbor

Vinyl Arbors

If people want to spice up their backyard space or garden, many will use a pergola. Now, pergolas are great, but they are often quite large in size. What about for those with a smaller space? They shouldn’t have to sacrifice the beauty of their yard and thankfully, with arbors, they don’t have to.

However, arbors can be much more than simply a compromise if you don’t have enough space for a pergola. Arbors have several other benefits such as:

  • Providing a grand entryway to your yard or garden.
  • Serving as a beautiful centerpiece or accent in your yard.
  • Helping climbing plants grow larger and more successfully.
  • Increasing the value of your home, as a finished and stunning outdoor space is very in-demand.

While many people will use the term arbor and pergola interchangeably, they are not actually the same thing. A pergola is quite large and is generally supported by 4 or more pillars, and is generally free-standing. They are also often used for shade and commonly put over where people might hang out or linger such as over a deck, seating area or table.

On the other hand arbors are generally much smaller (usually just a few feet), and held up by their 2 or 4 posts. It will have two sides and a roof. In most arbors, the roof will sometimes be arched, but that isn’t always the case. They are also not really used for hanging out under, and are usually just walked through. This small size makes them much more affordable and more flexible in different locations and areas.

This all sounds well and good, but there is a big decision you need to make before purchasing a arbor, what material are you going to use? Arbors can be made out of a wide range of different materials including wood, iron, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum.

While each material has their own unique benefits and drawbacks, one material that is increasingly becoming more popular is vinyl. The biggest reason why vinyl is becoming so popular for arbors compare to the others is the fact that vinyl arbors require hardly any maintenance at all. This is because they will not rot, discolour, chip, rust or anything like that. They also require no staining or sealing to stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions. So other than the odd cleaning with a hose, your vinyl arbor should be maintenance free. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run, as well.

Another big benefit of going with vinyl is it’s strength, durability and flexibility. Vinyl is built to last, without being too heavy or clunky. In fact, it is quite light and even flexible. This helps it deal with wind better than most other materials as it can flex and won’t just break. However, despite being light, vinyl is quite durable and strong.

Vinyl arbors are also much simpler to install, as they come out of the manufacturing process designed to fit perfectly. There are many other benefits to vinyl including how sleek it looks and how it can potentially mimic the look of other materials such as painted wood.

So as you can see, there are several unique and real benefits to choosing a vinyl arbor over arbors made of different materials. If you think a vinyl arbor (or arbors) is right for your yard, consider reaching out to Vinyl Impressions. We have been working in the vinyl industry for decades and have experience in everything from fences, to railing, to arbors. In addition to a lot of knowledge and experience in the space, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality customer service to ensure every customer is satisfied.

Whether you simply purchase the arbor and materials from us, or decide to have us install it as well, we want you to have a good experience from start to finish. We don’t cut any corners and only offer the highest quality products at fair prices.

Interested in decorating your yard with an arbor or two? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to Vinyl Impressions for assistance or to set up an appointment. We are confident we can help set you up with the arbor of your dreams, or answer any questions you might have on the topic. Whether you want an arbor to help your climbing plants grow, or simply want a unique and stylish entry to your yard, we want to make your dreams come true!

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